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A Guide in Setting up Adsense Units

A Guide in Setting up Adsense Units

Setting up Adsense Units

A lot of website owners or sometimes called webmasters have signed up with Google Adsense in order to gain profits thru posting of advertisements in their websites. Application is quite an easy step by step process and best of all it is free. Once the application is done, Google will then monitor the webmaster’s site for a few days, after which the site is accepted into the Adsense program.  

Being Accepted with Google Adsense

Upon acceptance the webmaster then goes to the Adsense Setup page wherein he is allowed to place adsense units or link units in his site. An ad unit may be text and image ads (this is the default setting), or texts ads only, or image ads only.

In accordance with adsense’s rules, the webmaster is allowed up to three ads in one site. Link units on the other hand show topics which are related and important to the page of the content. This works when a surfer clicks a topic, Google lists a page of similar ads. This will also add to the webmaster’s income. 

Surfer’s interests are taken into consideration when it comes to choosing link units. Statistics show that in choosing the color of the link, blue seems to stand out and perform successfully. Some others use green colored links so as to match the layout color of their web page.

Adsense Units Sizes

The next procedure is to choose the size of the adsense units that the webmaster prefers. Here, he can customize the ad size or format, colors, fonts and sizes. If only one unit is preferred, a large rectangle is recommended since this particular size is said to work well. Other sizes which have a high successful rate are the skyscraper and the inline rectangle.

In choosing the color of the border the usual trick of webmasters is that the ad which is included inside the content is somewhat blended such as the border of the ad is removed. Whereas those outside the content or those found at its top, or sides, a bordered ad is preferred. Another tip is for the webmaster to blend those units which are colored light if the website has a light color as well, but when the site has a dark colored layout it is suggested that the unit be contrasted.

Sometimes when a webmaster has a site which recurrent surfers visit, rotating the colors of the units is done in the page to prevent surfers from getting bored. There is a preview feature in setting up the adsense unit which the webmaster can use so that he could be certain in achieving the appearance that he desires.

After having finished with the adsense unit, the next thing to do is to pick out a channel for the ad in every page it is located. This enables the webmaster to keep track on the success of the ad through reports made by adsense.  

Track ads with Named ad Units

Then the webmaster is prompted to give the unit a name so that he can further manage the settings at a later time. A code is then generated for the webmaster to copy to his site as HTML and paste it there. 

The code to be copied starts with an opening script and ends with a closing script. Adjustments should be made as to the size of the HTML so that the unit fits. After finishing these steps, the adsense unit will be activated in about ten minutes from the time of posting the code.

A Guide in Setting up Adsense Units

A Guide in Setting up Adsense Units
The success of the unit does not end there; the more important thing is its placement. Ads which are not positioned on the page do not get as much clicks with those strategically placed. 

The leaderboard which is usually seen on top corner of the page where the content is generates a higher percentage of click rates as opposed to one that it is placed at the bottom of the page. It gives a good visibility and more importantly when a page is loaded it will be the first one to be seen.

Large rectangular ones are often seen within the content and blended therein as opposed to letting it stand out at the sides. A lot of users claim that their ads which are vertically positioned give better click through rating than the others.

Skyscraper Adverts

The skyscrapers which have a tall look are placed at the right side so that it is not easy to miss. Some others place two skyscrapers to both left and right sides because they claim that some surfers have gotten tired of looking at ads on the right side hence their interest in clicking diminished. In websites which are basically forums, a trick used by webmasters is to place ads in between several posts so that it is difficult to miss.

It is interesting to know that Adsense engineers say that the first unit is the webmaster’s highest income generating ad. Thus it is important to choose a unit with a high click through rate. After a few trials and experimentations the webmaster can generate different ads that will be suited best for his site. 

Tracking of the performance of the site is very important so that he could see which ads work well and those that he needs to replace or re-position. Graphs and data need to be studied careful to monitor the performance of these ad units.

As a publisher, the webmaster needs to study how to get the surfers to notice, read, and click on the ads. Constant tweaking is necessary because it does not always mean that a one layout a certain website works well with other websites. 

The adsense units’ performance is also affected by how much traffic one gain in his site and other elements as well. Some webmasters suggest that in choosing an audience or a niche look for one that is small and not very competitive because a lot of competition has been going on with those that have high performing keywords. 

Scale and Test Adverts

Clicks in small niches may not be that numerous but if the niche is won over at leading search engines, traffic will increase and so does the income of the webmaster. There are other numerous ways to maximize traffic with the targeted audience. 

The pay or amount of income for each click can likewise be maximized using different industries and niche's. All of these are taken into consideration for a successful ad.

Grow Your Email Marketing List

How You Can Effectively Grow Your Email Marketing List

Grow Your Email Marketing ListWhen you build an email marketing list, you must understand that the entire process can be slow and at times frustrating but it is a process that must be done the right way. When you build your list, you need to make sure that every single person listed there has given you their permission to be on it. 

Building the List

When people and email addresses are added to your list, you need to be sure that all of the information was volunteered to you and not just sourced through some other channel, say another list. 

If you want your list to be the most effective that it can be, you need to make sure that the people on it are high quality.

If you want your email marketing list to be the most effective it can be, then you need to make sure that you send only to the people who gave you permission to sign them up, otherwise, you will end up with spam mail complaints. Use a double opt in if you do not want to safeguard yourself against such types of complaints. Using this method means that the subscriber’s email address will not be added to your list automatically when they decide to opt in. 

Opt In

The subscriber will first receive another email that requests a confirmation of their signing up for the email mailing list.

You don’t want people to be annoyed that you have asked for information so make the process as quick and easy as can be when you are asking them to sign up for your mailing list. Here are some point to remember when designing a mailing list.

When you want to grow your list with legitimate customers, you need to make sure that they find it easy to see the link for the opt in. Make it as prominent as a display can be on your homepage.

When trying to gain subscribers, you want to make sure that the opt in won’t ask for too much information. You must see to it that your opt in box will show to them what the information is for. Plus, not everyone will be willing to provide their information right away so make sure that you are only asking for what is necessary and not to intrusive. 

Be Mindful of to Much Information

You don’t want to lose subscribers because you have asked for too much information so avoid doing this if you are serious about growing your email marketing list.

Incentives are a great marketing tool so offer them to those signing up in order to entice them. If you can absorb the costs, it is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use. For example, freebies and discounts on purchases will really click well with your market and entice to join your list.

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Google Adsense Approval Tips For Your Blog (Working)

Google Adsense Approval Tips For Your Blog (Working)Everyone Needs a Fully Approved Google Adsense Account to earn Money from Non-Hosted Websites But Most of them Fail to get Adsense Account. 

You May Easily Get Hosted Adsense Account by Youtube Easily But You can't get Fully Approved Adsense Account (Non-Hosted). 

So Here is a Possible Reason for Your Google Adsense Disapproval (Google Adsense Approval Tips):

1. The First thing is You May Have Copied images From Another Site via Google Search
Make sure to check your copyrights after all you are building a brand here make sure each step you take benefits you and wont harm you later in your projects, it just makes sense.

2. Your Blog Should have minimum of 30 Quality Articles to get Approved Easily.
You need content to be a publisher and draw traffic, at least have some content to benefit the traffic you may get from the search engines or advertising, have something of benefit, its googles job to provide the most appropriate results, ask yourself, does your content deserve that title.

3. Your Domain Age Must be At least 3 Months Old. Better Try to Buy an Expired Domain if you want to get Adsense Account Quickly.
Give any new site time to seed in and be judged on its own merits by the search engines, great things have small beginnings, rome was not built in a day and all that.

4. You Should Not Copy Posts from other Blogs. Your Blog Posts Should Be Unique.
Obviously, write your own content or mange it being written never cut and paste, the fastest way to get penalised is to have duplicate content.

5. Must and Most Important thing is You Should be atleast 18 Years old According to Adsense policies.
For legal reasons this is pretty much old rope, you have to legally be able to enter into a contract, hense the age requirements.

Google Adsense Approval Tips For Your Blog
6. Your Blog Must Have some interactions from the search engines.
User interactions are the way forward, in all true sense of the word Google is listening and social proofing and interactions by users now far outweigh any previous metrics for ranking, have some targeted content is always the best foot forward.

7. All Your Articles Should Have Atleast 500 Words.
This content is a no no, simple as that, you have to provide something of value, this page, post or whatever has to have a purpose and furfill that to the user when they land on it, 500 words should give you space for titles amoung your suggested 2,000 words which I find to be the sweet spot in targeted content certainly enough to cover any topic with some depth.

If You Focus on this Simple Steps I am Sure you will get Fully Approved Adsense Account Quickly, write well, write often and provide value, in turn you will be rewarded.

Check out the Youtube video for some more tips on Google Adsense Approval Tips For Your Blog:

7 Killer Tips to Increase Google Page Rank of your blog or site fast

Tips to Increase Google PageGoogle PageRank means a lot to the Bloggers All round the world because it helps us to get more traffic.Obviously More Traffic=More Money, 

So to earn money from blogging we have to keep an eye on google page rank and we should follow the Tips to increase it. 

Here I have provided few Tips to increase the google page rank effectively.

These steps are pretty easy so you can easily follow these Tips and effectively increase google pagerank. 

Here are the Tips exclusively for you:

Tip 1: You Should Write only the Unique and Good Quality Contents.

Tip 2: You Should Update your site frequently.May be 3 Times Per Week With New posts If Time Permits, Update Daily.

Tip 3: Get Good Quality Backlinks for your site. You can Submit your site articles On Dofollow Blogs to get Backlinks.

Tip 4: Submit or Share your site to Social Bookmarking sites this will help you to get More Backlinks thus brings you High Page rank.You can Submit You site to Dofollow Social Boomarking Sites 

Tip 5: Submit Your Blog/Website to Dofollow HighPage Rank Directories this too get you more backlinks.

Tip 6: Make a Habit of Commenting on other Good Blogs. It will Help you to get Some traffic as well as some good backlinks.

Tip 7: You Should Look at the DoFollow Forums Sites and Submit your Site Articles There.

Here is a Youtube Video which highlights well the use of using the tools available correctly:

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blogging for business is not personal blogging

blogging for business is not personal bloggingI’ve spent the past few days catching up on my reading. That may sound easy, but I have books and magazines piling up in several rooms of my home. While I can’t say I got through them all, I did get through a bunch of them.

It seems everything I pick up has something written about blogging. Blogging had picked up steam over the past year, and is now the "in-thing" for all business owners.

Unfortunately, a lot of what I see written is for the individual who wants to break away from their job and start writing/blogging for a living.

There is a distinct difference between blogging as an individual to create your own business - your own income source outside of a traditional job - and writing a blog for your business. 

Here are three things to keep in mind when Blogging:

1. When an individual decides to blog, she can choose anything of interest to her. She can start with a general topic, or niche it down to something she loves. It can change all the time.

When a business decides to blog, the owner must lay down ground rules on what to blog about. The structure needs to be in place, especially if others will be writing for them.

2. In many cases an individual starts blogging because they have a love for something. They fill their blogs with content, and then decide how to monetize it after achieving some success.

A business owner must decide how to monetize a blog before they start blogging. Will you be using your blog to attract clients for your services? Will you be placing graphics on your site to sell your products?

3. When individuals become professional bloggers, they usually make a good portion of their income from advertising other companies products/services. They sell ad space on their blogs, and make income from a variety of sources.

A business owner has to think of their own business first. In many cases selling ad space to other companies may not be appropriate - why would you want to sell your competitors products?

In all cases, a business owner must constantly assess the blogs purpose, and make sure you’re blogging for your own business’s benefit in the long term.

Blogs are not created equally

“What blog platform should I use?”

“Which Wordpress plugins are best?”

“How often should I change my blog’s look?”

It’s not the look and feel that will bring in the traffic and keep them on your site; it’s the content.

Blogs are not created equallyInstead of worrying about how a blog looks, how fancy its going to be, or how many graphics you’re going to use, plan out your content and the direction you want your blog to head instead. 

  • Who will be reading your blog?
  • What kind of information are they looking for?
  • How often will they be reading your blog?
  • What is your ultimate purpose?

Then format your blog accordingly. I highly recommend Wordpress because of its ease and flexibility. I’ve used a variety of other services, and have always found Wordpress to offer the most benefits. 

You can use one of the many free themes available online or you can have one custom designed using your ideas and graphics form the likes of Fiverr Cheaply.

As you continue to grow, your needs will also change and grow. With a good platform in place, it’s easier to tweak as you grow. Wordpress has to of plugins as well to make your business run even smoother. Need ecommerce? Not a problem, Wordpress has a plugin. Need a membership site? Not a problem, they have one for that too (and I love it!)

And instead of updating the platform, you can simply update the header, or the graphics within the sidebars of your blog. 

The content will remain in place – just your look will change periodically.
Why Wordpress over other services like Blogger or Typepad? I prefer its flexibility and the way it operates. 

By using the Wordpress platform, I have full control and can use my domain and server requirements. I can customize as much as I desire. And I can move my information at my will.

Blogging needs a strategy

“I’ve had a website up and running for over three years. Last year I put up a blog because everyone said it was the way of the future. I haven’t created more than a dozen posts in the last 14 months. Today I’m really wondering why I have any of this at all. I’m not getting any leads from the site, and I really don’t know why I’m spending the monthly hosting fees to keep it all up and running. What do I do next?”

Could you have written this note? 
I’ve chatted with half dozen business owners over the past week that essentially said the same thing to me.

The problem is they do tiny steps that when you put them all together will never fit together as a solid marketing strategy.

If you’ve been in business for a while now, you know a thing or two about marketing. You’ve found something that works, and you keep using it. If its mailing postcards, you mail one out every month. If it’s advertising in a magazine, you run an ad month after month.

No matter what you do, I’m willing to bet you have put numbers to it, and know how well its working for your business.

The problem with blogging is people jump at it without a true purpose for it, set it up on their site, blog a few times, get bored and abandon the entire idea

You have to know your outcome before you design your strategy. And if blogging is a part of that strategy, you have to follow through to get the most out of it you can.

First of all, decide why you want to be online in the first place. Then list the things you hope to accomplish by being online.

Your Steps:
1. Design a website that attracts new customers.
2. Create a way for people to follow me online.
3. Build up my expertise using online resources.
4. Reach out to clients outside of my normal networking area.
5. Build up a following so I can generate income on a more regular basis.

Now that you have motivating factors of why you want to be online, it’s easier to put exact strategies to work.

For example, if I know I want to build up my expertise using online resources, its easier for me to take the time to connect up with people through my blog, and through social networking sites

My end goal is exposure. My end goal is to have a buzz in the online world, and connect up with people that can help take my business to another level. I now have my reason, and it’s easier for me to write every day.
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