Sunday, 27 November 2016

blogging for business is not personal blogging

blogging for business is not personal bloggingI’ve spent the past few days catching up on my reading. That may sound easy, but I have books and magazines piling up in several rooms of my home. While I can’t say I got through them all, I did get through a bunch of them.

It seems everything I pick up has something written about blogging. Blogging had picked up steam over the past year, and is now the "in-thing" for all business owners.

Unfortunately, a lot of what I see written is for the individual who wants to break away from their job and start writing/blogging for a living.

There is a distinct difference between blogging as an individual to create your own business - your own income source outside of a traditional job - and writing a blog for your business. 

Here are three things to keep in mind when Blogging:

1. When an individual decides to blog, she can choose anything of interest to her. She can start with a general topic, or niche it down to something she loves. It can change all the time.

When a business decides to blog, the owner must lay down ground rules on what to blog about. The structure needs to be in place, especially if others will be writing for them.

2. In many cases an individual starts blogging because they have a love for something. They fill their blogs with content, and then decide how to monetize it after achieving some success.

A business owner must decide how to monetize a blog before they start blogging. Will you be using your blog to attract clients for your services? Will you be placing graphics on your site to sell your products?

3. When individuals become professional bloggers, they usually make a good portion of their income from advertising other companies products/services. They sell ad space on their blogs, and make income from a variety of sources.

A business owner has to think of their own business first. In many cases selling ad space to other companies may not be appropriate - why would you want to sell your competitors products?

In all cases, a business owner must constantly assess the blogs purpose, and make sure you’re blogging for your own business’s benefit in the long term.
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