Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blogs are not created equally

“What blog platform should I use?”

“Which Wordpress plugins are best?”

“How often should I change my blog’s look?”

It’s not the look and feel that will bring in the traffic and keep them on your site; it’s the content.

Blogs are not created equallyInstead of worrying about how a blog looks, how fancy its going to be, or how many graphics you’re going to use, plan out your content and the direction you want your blog to head instead. 

  • Who will be reading your blog?
  • What kind of information are they looking for?
  • How often will they be reading your blog?
  • What is your ultimate purpose?

Then format your blog accordingly. I highly recommend Wordpress because of its ease and flexibility. I’ve used a variety of other services, and have always found Wordpress to offer the most benefits. 

You can use one of the many free themes available online or you can have one custom designed using your ideas and graphics form the likes of Fiverr Cheaply.

As you continue to grow, your needs will also change and grow. With a good platform in place, it’s easier to tweak as you grow. Wordpress has to of plugins as well to make your business run even smoother. Need ecommerce? Not a problem, Wordpress has a plugin. Need a membership site? Not a problem, they have one for that too (and I love it!)

And instead of updating the platform, you can simply update the header, or the graphics within the sidebars of your blog. 

The content will remain in place – just your look will change periodically.
Why Wordpress over other services like Blogger or Typepad? I prefer its flexibility and the way it operates. 

By using the Wordpress platform, I have full control and can use my domain and server requirements. I can customize as much as I desire. And I can move my information at my will.
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