Sunday, 27 November 2016

Why Should We Be Using Web To Print

Why Should We Be Using Web To Print
Ordering printing jobs such as business cards, letterheads and marketing materials can be a lengthy and inconvenient process, but waste can be eliminated and costs reduced using web to print – making businesses more efficient and providing immediate access to print materials.

Unlike traditional printing, web to print lets employees, designers and those at remote locations view and make timely changes to orders before they are printed. 

Anyone can alter web templates or upload original PDF files to be printed. This method empowers businesses and prevents costly errors and omissions from printed materials.

Centralising materials to be printed gives everyone involved more control over copy and design. Businesses save time, money and energy by avoiding trips to the print shop before final approval. Changes no longer must go through numerous time-consuming channels. Everything can be altered at once at a single online location viewable by all departments and sites.

Web to print is a boon to any company’s branding efforts. In addition to streamlining marketing materials, web to print gives both internal and external communications a consistent look and feel. Templates can be used for everything from business cards and brochures to corporate e-mails, bringing clients, employees and the public into the loop.

Another of the many web to print advantages is the freeing-up of valuable storage space. Materials can be printed only when needed, but businesses can still receive volume discounts from print vendors when print jobs are completed. Web to print makes storing bundles of marketing materials or company stationery and business cards a thing of the past.

Web to print eliminates the need to get rid of obsolete materials as well. Gone are the days of tossing costly but outdated printed items due to changes in branding strategy or new operational information. Digital access to pre-print designs also allows all designated parties the opportunity to check materials inventory at any time, from any site.

Printing materials on demand even encourages spontaneity and independent thought by allowing for frequent change. Knowing corporate communications and branding messages can be altered with minimal financial impact gives employees the creative freedom to help businesses evolve and thrive.
When changes do need to be made or companies initiate new orders, the turnaround time on print jobs is much faster than in the days of offset printing. 

Last-minute trade shows, direct mailings announcing impromptu promotions, and other projects requiring prompt print job delivery are no problem. Materials can be customised to suit a specific audience, even under the tightest of deadlines.

Web to print is the digital solution to the printing problems that plague many businesses. Fast, efficient and cost-effective, this simple yet high-tech printing option lowers costs, eliminates waste and offers company-wide accessibility. 

Available during business hours and beyond, web to print is the obvious answer to the ever-changing demands of local and global commerce.
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