Sunday, 27 November 2016

Tips to become a better content writer, Step by Step

Tips to become a better content writer
It's crucial we don't lose the point when it comes to content writing, we are their with the aim to engage the audience with whatever the topics might be, using a range of mediums and narrative.

Here are a few tips I would give on content:

Start writing.
Whenever you can, download and App on your phone and start dictating some stuff you will be amazed what you come up with in the strangest of times.

Write more.
Double what you write, hell, triple it, a page with awful text is easier to turn into a good piece of content rather than a blank canvas, don't think about it just do it, whenever you have a moment.

Write lengthy posts.
Get used to exploring topics and start to develop yourself a system of thoughts to help you analyse things faster, to see the advanced thoughts in a moment just because you are used to looking in depth at things from objectives angles.

Be funny.
Viral trending is crazy, and hard to drive, many have tried, some have succeeded, many have failed, so don't write about the best way to do something, write about Darth Vader's Way of Doing "Niche", get creative and fun with your writing.

Write more.

Even more.
Especially write when you don’t want to.

Definitely write when you want to.
If you have the moment and a thought, please capture it for use later, the richest places in the worlds are graveyards, thoughts never realised, ideas never exposed, don't allow it to happen to you.

Try writing alone in the room, you normally get peaceful and smooth write ups.

Try writing in gathering, you get energetic and thoughtful posts.

Write when you are happy, you can write encouraging and motivating posts.

Write when you are sad, you’ll write advices.

Writing about your personal expertise is like blood in the vein for your blog.

Believe that you are a good writer. (Having confidence and believe is good but you can ask different people about your writing to have a better idea.)

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