Sunday, 27 November 2016

What is Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing
The article marketing has been questioned lately. Recent changes in Google’s algorithm are responsible for it. It’s about improving the quality of what happens when you enter search phrase to find any useful information. 

As a result of these changes, most article directories that supported all kinds of writings remade, refried beans and even difficult to read in a normal way have lost their positions in the search pages.

Marketing with articles is not a new technique, which appeared in these last days of the Internet. On the contrary, is present almost from the beginning of the marketing writing, working with great success, with exceptional results for those who use this method correctly. 

Entrepreneurs and marketing companies soon realized that well-written articles in journals and referred the issue of product or service they had, they worked much better than traditional ads paid.

Well … after the Update Panda has been given much emphasis on the quality of the content of the articles, to really help these same search engines something to the information and thus can generate a win-win situation where users find the answer you were looking for and the publishers get the most traffic backlink this will generate.

Marketing with articles, well executed and, again, thinking about the quality as the main argument has great advantages, such as:

  • Increases link popularity
  • Positions us as an authority on the subject
  • Improving our visibility in social media
  • Expand our reach, if we do it in the context of invitations to write in other blogs
  • Increases the possibility of a good press coverage
  • Helps a lot to convert prospects into customers

So you always have to write articles of quality to information seekers, because if what you publish is of poor quality you will be categorized as SEO Spammer which give you the bad ranking and simply will not give your audience the links that let in Articles.
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