Sunday, 27 November 2016

What is Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense
The source of all AdSense income is the AdWords program, where advertisers pay a set amount of money varies, depending on the jurisdiction of the keywords and the market in which they are promoting their ads.

There are several variants of Adsense that allow different formats to integrate into Web pages:

Adsense for search

An additional service Google Adsense program is AdSense for search, which allows windows to search the Web Affiliate, other than traditional ads. When a visitor looking for something on the Web or at the affiliate page, Google shares any ad revenue generated by or generated by that search ad originated from affiliate Web (yours for example). You can generate income even if a visitor searches for a particular keyword, even if you click on an advertisement.

Adsense to add or “feeds”

In 2005, an evidence bag Google Adsense version that runs on RSS called “Adsense for feeds” works like other Adsense programs, sending ads that are relevant to the content that the reader finds useful. When people click on these ads, Google pays you. So far this program is not in use but is expected in the near future it going.

How does Adsense work?

Each time a Web surfer visits a page with Adsense, a Javascript code writes a label, which includes the address (URL) of the visited page. Google’s servers use a cache of the page or your own keywords in the URL to determine the theme of the Web, and thus be able to display ads from Google Adwords that are relevant to your site. This is a great advantage because the ads are related to your website and are therefore of interest to people who visit you. 

What income can I expect?

Well, this question is difficult to answer (how long is a piece of string). Keep in mind that Google strictly prohibits talking about the benefits they get with the program each Adsense. As mentioned in other articles, the secret to making big money with Adsense is to have a lot of traffic to your website.

There are people who earn just enough to pay hosting and others who receive checks of 5 zeros. There are several ways to profit with Adsense. 

A single site may be sufficient to receive a good income if the traffic is optimal. In my case, the system I use and I get a good price is to have a set of websites, which generate certain amounts, not overly large, and adding them all a good number to make ends meet. Sorry, I can not say how much … Google rules.

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