Sunday, 27 November 2016

When Blogging Is Not Working, What to do to fix it

When Blogging Is Not Working, What to do to fix itThere are many people starting or caring to start an online business but the main questions is, it’s not working. If this question is asked for a relationship then the straight forward answer for this should be to leave it. But here is a different story. 

Here the answer is just keep on trying.
  • First we need to explore that what is wrong.
  • Then we need to fix it.
  • Then we need to take it seriously.
When we see someone earning loads of money we start wondering how we can earn money online as well. We see a website and some blog posts. Other than that we see ads and a lot of comments. 

Then the next thing we do is to make a website, publish some blog posts (most of them are copied) and start staring at the analytics of the website. Waiting, waiting and waiting. 

This is where we do it wrong. This is like a process of digesting a pill. After swallowing it starts dissolving then after it is dissolved (which takes sometime) then it starts showing its effects.

It is a constant process we need to be consistent and helping. We may insist a visitor to come to our website only once (through ads or reference or even search engine) but the stream and re visits can only be produced through providing better content. 

How we are going to fix this. The best option here is not to see the analytics for first six months. And this is a real challenge.  You WILL be tempted to see it again and again but you must not. After six months there might be a little difference in analytics and you MUST not expect any huge difference (if there is then it’s your good luck). 

Blogging is now trending towards a rapid update module which means is you need to update your blog as often as you can and it should have a proper pattern. Like a post a week or a post a day.

When we start our online blogging business we normally don’t spend much money in the initial period that’s why we don’t take it seriously. As we do in our real world business which requires a lot of investment. This is the biggest issue we don’t take it seriously.

Let me give a real life example. If I start a real world grocery store and invest some amount like $10000 or more then I will be willing to wait for months for its growth because I had a huge sunk cost. 

If it doesn’t even show 1% growth for six months I’ll mold myself to wait for the next six months but this is not the case with internet business. As our investment is normally very neglect able so we are kind of not very serious. If it doesn’t work for two or three months we start thinking to quit it. 

Oh its just 50 bucks so no need to worry. So let’s start taking it seriously and see what happens

Best of luck.
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