Sunday, 27 November 2016

Why you should host a giveaway on your blog?

Why you should host a giveaway on your blogRight when people make entry into blogosphere, they aim at expressing best of themselves and churn out some money. 

This has become easier with the advent of internet and blogging techniques but with cluttering of too many sites and bloggers, it has become a little challenging to meet up your expectations.

Creating a blog and posting quality of content is not enough to popularize your blog.

Promotion and publicity of everything has become very much important to gain attention from public, one of the most popular ways to gain publicity for your blog is give-away. 

Just like any other thing give-away is a temptation for readers and it also benefits to the bloggers in many senses. Now let us see what makes give-away a happening process.

To increase traffic of your blog
The primary reason behind any promotional activity is to attract more people towards your product, which is your blog. 

Give away sounds great promotional activity as through advertisement and sharing to gets a huge exposure among other bloggers. 

This will in turn increase the number of hits on your website and your blog will reach a greater mass which otherwise would not have been possible. 

Apart from this you may also gain financial back up, if you have advertisements on your website. The greater number of hits will ultimately get you better PR and search engine ranking, and you will get more revenue from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Creating relationships
It is very important maintain good relationships with your customers.  Give away helps your readers to gain confidence and trust to climb further on the steps of success. They can always try out your quality services and thus you can build up huge customer base.

This can be created boosting your social media status. Give away helps you in creating long-term relationship that keeps following you on twitter, and hitting likes on facebook etc even after the contest is over.

This relationship will help you gain more readers as they will refer your blogs to their friends and others. Apart from this establishing relation with brands for sponsor, give-away is another way by which you can make benefits as by making your blog look professional and more polished. 

Though you have to take care that the products that you are giving away is as per the theme of your blog and are of the general interest of your readers.

From the above two points we have come to know that how give-away is becoming an important aspect to popularize your blog so that your thoughts and expression can reach to a greater mass. 

If you want to spread a word to the world then promoting your thoughts is a must and for that give-away is the way to achieve popularity that you want. So let us come together and plunge into the world of net and blogs.
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