Sunday, 27 November 2016

15 Tips to help you Blog

Check out the tips below and see how they can help you.

15 Tips Blogging:

1. if your are not specialized about any topic then don't blog about that.

2. if anyone can't keep his reader reading his article to the end he have to learn this technique.

3. the most important line is title. you can spend even a week to make it perfect.

4. 1 or 2 interesting articles don't mean you have gained a loyal reader, give him a reason to come back with more interesting stuff.

5. animation and graphics are enemies of blogs. (don't forget we still have dail up users)

6. try to be specific with your topic, if you master different topics the make different blogs.

7. copying other people's stuff may lead to many difficulties, if still you want it, then alter it.

8. as readers are most important so be loyal to them.

9. according to me returning visitors are actual visitors.

10. you main page should link all the important pages.

11. to have 100 loyal visitors is a lot more better then to have 1000 forced visitors.

12. blog + feeds = complete blog.

13. mailing list is crucial to a business, try to make it from beginning.

14. getting indexed is not important, getting to top ten is important
(if any search result shows 223,000,000 results, either having 200000 or 2000000th position doesn't matter)

15. knowledge increases by asking so if you have any questions then ask me.

I am always happy to answer questions, message if I can help.
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