Sunday, 27 November 2016

20 reasons to use Social Media

20 reasons to use Social MediaEverywhere you look people are mentioning the benefits of using social sites for marketing your business.

But what can it truly do for you? Is it really worth your time?

Here are 20 reasons why you should get on board with social networking:

1. Find new customers outside of your local market.
2. Teach people about your industry.
3. Showcase your expertise.
4. Connect with old friends and acquaintances.
5. Build up your list of prospective clients.
6. Build your brand.
7. Teach people about your product or service.
8. Share your opinions; having some controversy can get people talking.
9. Share case studies from current clients.
10. Gather testimonials and rave reviews.
11. Share your knowledge.
12. Share your advice.
13. Find new employees and new contracted help.
14. Connect with like minded business owners from around the world.
15.  Gain more traffic to your website.
16. Stay at the top of your industry.
17. Join groups that share common interests.
18. Niche your brand even further, making it stronger.
19. Connect your online and offline marketing efforts.
20. Find potential you never new was available.

Basically, Use it, your competition will, if you do not, you will be left behind!
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