Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blogging tactics to Not Fail

Blogging tactics to Not FailThe art of blogging has evolved through the last decade and has become really a big thing to deal with. 

Its identity of being a personal thing has changed to a money making program (in direct words). 

Blogging was meant to be personal idea sharing platform and discussion board through comments and mails. 

We don’t need to go into detail about that so wrapping it up blogging has evolved and we need to go parallel to it.

I would like to mention the write ups of the Harvard business school which showed a newer side of business. It said, to day business is not only the highest productivity its adapting the change. 

Keep Up to Date

There is a fair different in hard work and productivity and keeping our self-up to date. We need to be there at the top or at least near the top; no one looks down to the fourth or fifth position. 

So what I need to explain here is the time of operation effectiveness is gone which meant; be the best at what you are doing. It is time to explore and keep exploring all the time. 

I’d like to give the example of Daewoo in Pakistan. They entered over 10 years ago with new transformation in the traveling business. They introduce new and innovative way to satisfy the customers and were tremendously successful. 

They gained a huge market share in no time. They offered a hostess, some refreshments like cola and chips while on the way and charged a little high. They became operationally effective but what they didn’t do was, they didn’t keep on with the new updates and better offers. 

They just kept with it. This resulted into 4 new comparable rivals with lower costs and other better offers and took from Daewoo a huge part of their market share just because they remained the same for 10 years.

Blogging today and for near future has become.

A spicy and attractive title: you might have seen this statement numerous times on different blogs but I’ll explain it a little further. 

You just need to put something extra and attractive like if your article title is “how to make brownies” this is something usual and regular you need to be a little different like I said earlier in the article that you need to be new and updated so try having this title “how to make brownies in XX minutes” or “how not to spoil your brownies” or “how to make most delicious brownies”.

Give advice what you tried and got better results. There is no obligation to share everything but still blogging has become a platform of advice if you are reputable enough. 

You need to show results and give your sincere advice people are educated enough to spot a sales letter vs. an advice.

Be Insightful

People today are going to blogs to seek guide about anything. Like what are the points you should keep in mind when you apply for Google AdSense. Blogging today tells people how to do stuff. 

As pictures are a major player in blogging so blogger needs to add pictures in their articles.


It should be easy to navigate: Articles that look long and don’t have proper pauses and other engaging items are most likely to lose a reader. 

Add proper pauses and be a little humorous if you can people like that (by God I was trying in full to find something funny related to this but didn’t find words) that’s also funny by the way.

Normally articles are written in general format and may not comply with each and every person in the universe, so whenever there is a contradiction or question, people will ask you through comments and mails and you need to be prompt in replying. This makes a loyal reader and a promoter as well. 

This also pin points any flaw or anything missing in your article like if somebody noticed something missing in your article and asked you to write that up and you wrote a reply to him thanking and wring the missing story leads to a completed article and a happy reader.
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