Sunday, 27 November 2016

Facts about working from home on the Internet

working from home on the Internet
More and more companies are considering that some of its employees work from home via the Internet to achieve certain goals beneficial to all, such as, improve productivity, reduce costs and increase employee performance to make it work in an environment more familiar. 

Working from home does not Mean Lazy

The truth is that there are still many people who think this way of working that makes the employee neglects his duties. It can occur in some cases but not far from reality.

Most people will say that the biggest advantage of working from home, is not having to endure the trip to the office with its enormous traffic jams and congestion, which may be true since they are usually at least an hour and a half to go and as much again. 

The biggest drawback is often seen at first glance is the lack of physical contact with bosses and coworkers, although they usually do weekly or biweekly meetings. Many employees from home, complain that they feel somehow disconnected from their workplace, even if they are doing an excellent job.

Even as a mode of operation used in some countries than others, more and more what you opt for this trend, especially if the work is can be virtually delivered over the Internet. 

The Company

The company must provide the employee with everything necessary for his work as a computer, DSL connection, and software tools necessary to perform their tasks, and so on. The company actually comes out better off doing it this way. 

You do not pay travel, company cars, miles, tickets restaurant, plus diet and having a traditional employee. We should note that the equipment would have to give it anyway. The company does not have to worry if the employee arrives late or leaves earlier. 

That responsibility will be the worker, so you have to manage your own schedule. The company will only require compliance with the expectations and objectives.

Of course, as mentioned above, are often made up meetings. Some are done by video and other meeting in the office every so often. The rest of the week or month, phone and e-mails are the usual form of contact. 

Meeting's are still needed

Regular meetings are necessary to discuss the project and some work items, for clarification and direction. A team leader is typically managed by several people who are recruited from home.

Each company has its policy and method for operating this way of working outside the office. What is certain is that in a few years, a large percentage of people and businesses will use this type of online as normal and customary. It is only matter of time before something becomes widespread.
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