Sunday, 27 November 2016

Reasons Why Search Engines Hate Duplicate Content

Why Search Engines Hate Duplicate ContentThe ultimate object of any website owner and webmaster is to see their website popping up in the top ten results of Google search and other search engines. 

It is very important to get higher ranking in the keyword specific searches. Search engines prove to be the best source of obtaining traffic in order to populate the sites with good number of statistics. Hence, it is essential not to undermine some of the SEO characteristics and one should take care of the factors that search engines hate to see in your website. 

Duplicate content has been a long standing issue with the website owners and often people enter into an ugly spat with the search bots. Here are top reasons which might shed some light on the aspects on why search engines will hate duplicate content.
  • The first and foremost reason is that search engines will be confused when it tries to display the search results for the specific keywords especially when there are 1 or more versions of websites and web pages having the same content.
  • Search bots will not be highly interested in crawling the pages having duplicate content. As they have already found a reliable website for the information, they do not like to crawl another page having the same content.
  • Search engines show no interest in indexing the web pages or websites having duplicate content. They simply do not want to waste their time and resource by going through the repetitive content time and again. This may lead to search engine indexing rejection for a particular interval of time.
  • Search engines would not wish to lose their reputation by giving out different websites having the same content for the keywords. This will affect their reliability among the internet users.
  • The internet users are not interested in obtaining the same result pages in variant forms. This will ultimately lead to frustration and will affect the overall experience.
  • When the search engines find multiple versions of content on different websites, they try to make a choice depending on the age of the web page and content. Ultimately, you will be losing the battle. 
  • When you constantly update the pages with duplicate content, the search bots will not be interested anymore to give importance to your website.
If you want to become a serious player in this internet domain, it is very important to stick to the guidelines specified by the search engines. 

It is also important to target the search engines and work towards achieving results with these engines. Going through search engine specific guidelines will help you to get better results. The basic and fundamental rule is to stick to original content and give your best shot. 

The internet user should find your article interesting and informative. If you can put in consistent efforts in providing valuable and original content, the search engines will rank your website with good grades.
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