Sunday, 27 November 2016

SEO Security

SEO SecurityWhen it comes to all things, there’s a constant battle between security and ease of use. Search Engine Optimization is no different. The internet is about content. 

Search Engines are constantly improving to find the best content for a given search term. The idea being that, in the purest sense, the better the content, the better a website is optimized for search engine optimization. We all know that it is a little more complicated than great content. 

You have to make sure the search engines find your web pages and see the content certainly. However, in this article, we’d like to focus on securing your content.

It doesn’t do much good to have the best content in the world if it can be stolen, hacked, changed or cloned. Of course, people are always going to be able to read and paraphrase  but you’re going to want to protect your databases from getting infected with viruses and certainly do not want them to spread a virus to your users. 

Whether it personal or business, you’re going to need some antivirus software to protect your information.

Does antivirus software and Encryption software slow your computer down? If your computer is not overloaded with data, it shouldn’t make a big impact. It really just comes down to necessity. 

Five hundred years ago, castles built walls and gates. It took time and cost money. It limited access. Why? Security! It’s really no different with your computer and your information. If you want to protect your castle, you’ll need these modern day walls and gates!
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